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Ozone Generators – independently proven to kill Coronavirus

OZO Sanitized is the leading supplier of ozone generating machines in Northern Ireland. We supply the OZO Sanitiser and the OZO Compact to the UK and Ireland. Whatever your business, ozone generators are gaining momentum as the ultimate approach for creating fully sanitised spaces free from odour, bacteria, and infection.

Historically ozone generators have been used for removing pungent odours, removing the smell of smoke and eliminating mould. More recently, ozone has been independently studied and proven to kill infection and viruses. Ozone generators are commonly used in hospitals to kill MRSA, Coronavirus and ECOLI.

This technology is becoming the technology of choice for Care Homes, Education and Hotels. Multiple large chains within hospitality and childcare use ozone generating machines as the easiest approach to achieve full room sanitisation. A staff member simply places the machine in the room, chooses a cycle, and vacates. When the staff member returns, they enter a fully sanitised and sterile room. There is no need for sprays, foggers, deep cleans, or any other disinfecting methods.

OZO Sanitized offers consultative expertise to help you understand how our robust global leading units can be the perfect solution for your business.

Air Sterilisation – facilitating the return to work and preventing the spread of coronavirus

OZO Sanitized is leading the way on partnering with businesses in Northern Ireland and providing the ultimate blueprint for a safe return to occupied workspaces. We supply the OZO DUO and the OZO Pure to the UK and Ireland

The commercial environment is one to be enjoyed by its clients and staff.

Feeling safe and confident that the environment you provide is healthy and free from air pollutants is now, more than ever, an important consideration for every business.

Historically ventilation systems used in the workplace regulate heat and keep the air fresh. With the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, businesses are now looking to medical-grade HEPA 13 air filter systems to clean their air with UVC to eradicate viruses.

OZO Sanitized offers consultative expertise to help you understand how our mobile air purification machines can create the ultimate peace of mind for your workforce and clients.

OZO Consult And Care

OZO Consult and Care

Our OZO Consult and Care service uniquely offers businesses a free consultation appointment to understand your infection control needs and how our air purification and surface sanitisation could work for you. Our OZO experts can assess your site, your rooms, your budget, your cleaning and sanitisation routines and demonstrate which products we feel can help reduce costs and help create peace of mind. Driven by the impact the spread coronavirus has had on local UK companies and society, we’ve created a purchase and support package we are proud to share. 

Key features of Ozo Consult & Care are

  • Supply, install and maintenance included
  • Monthly payment plan
  • Variable contract period
  • No parts, labour or call out charges
  • Replacement machine if yours is beyond economical repair