5 Reasons To be positive this week

Five reasons to feel positive this week regarding coronavirus.


In a world where we google ‘how many coronavirus deaths are there’ and we watch the evening news to understand gloomy statistics such as ‘total coronavirus deaths vs cases’, its important to step back and seek the positive news behind the headlines and numbers.

While feeling positive about anything at the moment is somewhat challenging in this world of uncertainty and worry, let’s look for the positives.

Let’s look at the coronavirus facts this week

  1. We are past the peak, deaths are reducing daily.
  2. 10 million people have now been vaccinated. While uptake is low in certain communities however the overall picture is positive. Second doses are required from the start of March and these will start to be prioritised, this will slow down the vaccination process for those waiting on their first round of injections.
  3. Vaccination should slow the spread – Scientists report the spread of COVID-19 will be “dramatically reduced” as the vaccination programme is rolled out.
  4. Infection offers long lasting protection – Research shows 88% of people still hold antibodies 6 months after infection
  5. Mutations can be beaten – The South African variant weakens the effectiveness of the vaccines offering only 60% effectiveness rather than 80 or 90% shown against the normal strain. Scientists are confident that updating the vaccine is possible and this should be ready by October.

Where does this leave us?

The virus won’t disappear, Paul Hunter from the University of Anglia predicts we will see a rise in cases in the autumn and measures such as masks and restrictions on crowded places will be needed. Comfort comes from the prediction that further outbreaks will be nothing like what we have seen over the past year.

We’re proud to be working with businesses to understand what further measures they can take to safe guard their staff and clients. It’s so important we keep abreast of the facts and looking at ways to live with the new challenges that coronavirus presents. Keeping air clean and spaces sterilised offer confidence that all measures have been taken

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