About us

OZO Sanitized are leading the way in the fight against airborne viruses utilising air purification and ozone generating technologies.

OZO Sanitized provide premium air purification and sanitisation machines that utilise UVC, HEPA 13 and Ozone technologies to create clean air, clean surfaces and clean spaces, killing airborne viruses, including coronavirus, in your indoor spaces at the touch of a button.

We are a UK business with offices in Northern Ireland and Manchester who have researched the market and the technologies that can effectively clean surfaces and air. Air purification systems using UVC and HEPA 13 are technologies used world-wide to create infection-free indoor air spaces. Ozone generators are leading the way in creating clinically sanitised surfaces and air-borne virus-free spaces.

OZO Sanitized are proud to supply the best in market, ozone generators and air purification machines that utilise these Ozone, HEPA 13 and UVC technologies. We are leading the way in bringing products that truly offer a solution to the issues businesses, healthcare and education face today. Our products will sterilise your whole indoor space in one easy step, preventing viruses from spreading. Ozone operates to render the virus inactive, thereby sterilising the premises. Effortless sanitisation techniques all done at the touch of a button. Historically Ozone, HEPA 13 and UVC have been used to fight EBOLI, SARS and MRSA. Studies from Universities demonstrate the powerful uses of Ozone, HEPA13 and UVC for killing coronavirus.

NI Company launches proven technology to kill infection and virus

NI company launches product to kill airborne viruses

In January CEO Charlene Turkington was interviewed by Belfast Live where she discussed the motivation behind creating the company. “2020 has brought to our attention the need to sanitise indoor areas to prevent infection.”

“Now and post-Covid, business owners have a duty of care to their staff, residents, and visitors to ensure their premises are properly sanitised, as nearly-clean is no longer good enough.

“Using air purifiers can ensure the air you breathe is clean but they won’t clean the surfaces you touch. Our Ozo Duo machine produces ozone gas when the room is empty, which completely sanitises all surfaces, ruling out the need to spray disinfectants so often.”

Ozone technology has been used for years in hospitality, care homes and medical facilities to sanitise and remove odours.

As a natural cleaner, it leaves no residue and will help businesses reduce their carbon footprint by cutting back on disinfectant and air fresheners.

“We are all looking forward to life after Covid 19,” said Charlene. “We hope to encourage businesses to learn from 2020 and provide workplaces that are free from airborne and surface infection.

Ozone sterilisation in Harrison Hotel Belfast

As one of the first premises in Northern Ireland to use Ozo Santizied, owner Melanie Harrison from The Harrison, Belfast said:

“The Health and Safety of our staff and guests is of the utmost importance to us. “