Air Purification in Care Homes

Air purification is now a key consideration for most care-home owners and residential care providers. Infection control is not new to these sectors, but the demands have considerably gone beyond what most can deal with.

At OZO, we have been working with residential care home owners providing the blue print for safer ways of opening, protecting staff and protecting residents. Through these challenging times, maintaining health and wellbeing has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

We all want to protect our loved ones, elderly and those who are vulnerable so looking at how technology can assist, is key to learning how to live with infection.

Air Purification in Care Homes Northern Ireland

The demand for air purification is soaring

Medical grade air purification isn’t a new technology but the demand for it is ever growing. With interviews on popular shows such as This Morning discussing the merits of hepa13 and UVC air filtration in schools, its widely recognised that air purification is much like the concept of air conditioning. While many felt confused to the needs of aircon 20 years ago, now it’s a recognised standard for many hospitality and care settings. Air purification and air cleaning is considered one of the biggest needs for businesses and companies ahead. Ventilation concerns aren’t easily addressed, clean air is a key factor in reducing the spread of coronavirus and other air borne viruses.

Air Purification improves air quality

Reduces Indoor Air Pollution

Cleanses the air, getting rid of all the impurities including odors, smoke, dust, and pet dander.

Air purification improves ventilation

Circulates air in indoor spaces

Effectively replaces the air in the room. Virus and infection free.

Ozone deactivates

HEPA13 deactivates airborne viruses

HEPA 13 filters captures and deactivates air-borne viruses

Air Purification facilitates collaboration

Improves the ability to collaborate

The air is continually cleaned while occupied, making it safer to collaborate and work together.


In the care homes we work with, air purification is a critical asset to the maintenance of a healthy residential home. Staff are protected, staff’s family members are protected due to less spread and most importantly residents are protected.  Sandra from Limetree Care Home, a care provider we work with, discussed her delight that “staff are less stressed”. She went on to say that “we are much more confident that we are well protected in our care home”. The improvement on staff health is important but fundamentally staff mental health is vitally important. The unease of a stuffy unventilated space is taken away via technology and the filtration systems that clean the air.

The care-homes we work with benefit greatly from achieving and maintaining high airborne hygiene standards. Most of our clients have older buildings and installing ventilation systems would be too disruptive and often a very expensive process.

Why many love our equipment is simple,

  • It’s effective
  • Simple to implement
  • Cost-effective solution is to deploy standalone medical grade air cleaning solutions
  • It’s been clinically trialled and proven to remove covid in room within 15 minutes.

It includes air quality monitoring and touch screen capabilities to monitor issues and usage.

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