We Supply Air Purification to the Northern Ireland Education Sector.

OZO SANITIZED Supply HEPA Air purifiers into Office Spaces

OZO Sanitized consults and work commercial office spaces through their selection of HEPA air purifiers to protect staff and clients.
In an emerging realm, choosing air cleaning technology can be daunting. In an indistry that is yet to be regulated, it is important to work with companies who want to work with you to implement the strong duty of care that you are keen to implement in your office,
We work with clients to provide the right equipment for the space required. We provide advice, as led by the guidance, set out by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. . Not all companies work within these guidelines, we do and that's why we have been chosen to work with universities here in Northern Ireland.
Hepa Air purifiers have been historically used by the aircraft industry and sterilie environments such as operating theatres. The HEPA filters capture common viruses, dust and pollen We stand proud that our Air Purification range has been independently tested and proven to remove SARS-COV-2 in an enclosed space.  This makes our equipment the ideal choice for offices and is why the companies such as MCS Jobs, Honeycomb recruitment, and Yorkshire Air Ambulance all work with us.
We work with the facilities staff and health and safety staff. Our approach is to engage with the client, understand their main pain points and concerns with ventilation and the issues of virus control. We measure rooms, look at existing clean air supplies, and advise what air changes they are currently getting and how we can help them achieve the recommended 5 to 6 air changes per hour.
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Office spaces are expected to be healthy places to work

More and more, healthy and safety officers are expected to understand ventilation pain points and the supply of clean air into their office settings. The government has published their acknowledgment that Covid-19 is an airborne virus, the pathway to safer educational spaces has become significantly clearer - clean air through ventilation and air cleaning technology. HEPA13 air purification with UVC technology remove & destroy 99.995% of airborne particulates such as pollen, bacteria, colds including  Covid-19. 

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Clinically Proven Air Purifier

Our Equipment is independently proven to remove SARS-COV-2 in an indoor space

Documented research and independent trials carried out by Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratories, have confirmed that the innovative OZO Air HEPA Purification technology greatly reduces the risk of Covid-19 transmission in an enclosed room as it simply removes and destroys the SARS-CoV-2 virus along with many other dangerous bioaerosols. These trials confirm the efficiency of the equipment in large spaces to pull in the contaminated air and clean it, successfully eradicating the virus from the room. While other manufacturers boast 99.99% virus kills through HEPA13 filters, very few have gone to the extent of testing their equipment in a contaminated and determining the effectiveness of their machine fans and air pull.

What is important for populated office settings when choosing an air cleaner?

Following Health and Safety guidelines, office spaces should look to get adequate ventilation and airflow into their classrooms and shared spaces. Opening a window isn't always sufficient so investing in air purification, can be the ultimate way of improving air quality.

Key considerations for air purification equipment are

  • Does the air purification machine have high-quality HEPA filters? Not all filters are of equal quality. It's important to have medical-grade filters.
  • Does the air purification machine have UV-C technology? UV-C is key to inactivating airborne pathogens
  • What airflow metrics does it have? It's important to have the right size of machine for your room size.
  • Is it noisy? It's important it sits seamlessly in your office space and doesn't interrupt the working day.

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