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We supply Air Purification technology proven to remove 99.995% of all airborne pathogens. Continually purifying your indoor space.

Ireland, North and South, is getting ready to reopen its doors to its returning workforce and customers. After a year like no other, employees and employers are gearing up towards the safe return to business.

At OZO Sanitized we are helping businesses ensure a safe return. With independently proven air purification technologies, we can help you provide a work environment that's safer for your staff and customers to occupy. Through air purification and ozone generating technologies, we are leading the way in helping businesses reopen.  

We work with companies to ensure your staff, customers, and clients are protected with the ultimate duty of care.

Prepare to protect your staff, customers and businesses against the risk of air-borne viruses with air purification and ozone generating technologies.

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Watch and learn how the OZO Duo is the ultimate air purification machine for your business

Benefits of Air Purification

Air purification systems are leading the way in creating the ultimate breath of fresh air for today’s workspaces and businesses

Given the emotional and financial hit sustained this past year following the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is more important than ever to provide customers with the reassurance that it is safe to visit you.

Air purifiers have been used for years, in some countries such as in the UAE they are included as part of building regulations. Since the pandemic, the demand for such systems has been showing increasing demand.

Whatever your business, air purifiers are gaining momentum as the ultimate approach for businesses to protect their staff and customers at a higher level of care including masks and social distancing measures. With an air purifier system, you can be confident the air in your space is rid of all the impurities including odours, smoke, dust, and even viruses. Given the fact that indoor air can have levels of certain pollutants up to five times higher than outdoor air, it seems like a logical step to take.


Air purification & ozone generator

OZO Duo - Air purification
  • Boasts 5 ACH in 500m³
  • Cleans and sterilises the air for a 50 person office
  • Hepa13 filters & UV-C
  • Timed built-in Ozone cycles enable empty rooms to be sterilised.

OZO Pure

Air purification with 3 filters & UVC

  • Boasts 4 ACH in 260m³
  • Can clean the air for a 40 person office
  • Compact and easily installed
  • 3 Filters - Hepa13,  G4, and Carbon.
  • UV-C virus neutraliser

Read about our Recent case installations

University of Ulster install OZO Air Purification

By Charlene Turkington | 10/11/2021

University of Ulster OZO Sanitized are delighted to be working with University of Ulster in Northern Ireland by supplying their lecture rooms with HEPA13 and UVC air purification machines.   Working with the estates staff, we worked to provide a number of air purification machines into computer rooms, lectures hall, classrooms  and campus shops. After …

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Galgorm Collection work with OZO Sanitized

By Charlene Turkington | 08/04/2021

The Rabbit from The Galgorm Collection works with OZO Sanitized We are delighted to work with the Galgorm Collection supplying The Rabbit Hotel with our OZO Compact.   The housekeeping staff is using the equipment after each room is vacated to ensure rooms are:   Thoroughly sterilised with ozone 99.99% free from bacteria, infection and …

Galgorm Collection work with OZO Sanitized Read More »

Ulster Property Sales install OZO Air Purification

By Charlene Turkington | 06/14/2021

ULSTER PROPERTY SALES We’re delighted to be working with Ulster Property Sales in Northern Ireland by supplying their rental division with air purification.   Like us, they are passionate about protecting their staff and clients against air-borne viruses.   Our equipment removes viruses, bacteria, pollen, and dust in indoor spaces. Get in touch if you’d …

Ulster Property Sales install OZO Air Purification Read More »

Childs Play NI

By Charlene Turkington | 03/24/2021

Childs Play NI “It’s very good, it cuts the time down on deep cleaning. Easy to use to sanitise the dressing up costumes” – Joanne at Childsplay NI Belfast WHY Childsplay NI chose OZO SANITIZED? Childsplay NI owner, Heather Hewitt, felt her staff were someone demoralised by the  burden of continuous the deep cleans.  Heather …

Childs Play NI Read More »

Castleview Private Nursing Home

By admin | 03/23/2021

Castleview Private Nursing Home “I can’t recommend Ozo Sanitised enough.  From initial contact they were excellent in explaining the technology, taking my staff and I through a demonstration, and training up the staff to ensure they were competent.” – Owner of CastleView Private Nursing Home WHY Castleview chose OZO SANITIZED? Castleview Private Nursing had previous …

Castleview Private Nursing Home Read More »


By Charlene Turkington | 03/17/2021

Mullaghboy Nursing Home Mullaghboy are delighted to be using the OZO Compact to sterilise their residents bedrooms and visitor pods. Alongside the daily routine housekeeping of residents bedrooms, they use the OZO Compact to sterilise the whole room. With the OZO Compact they sanitise their visitor pods with this technology, bringing peace of mind for …

Mullaghboy Read More »

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