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Whatever your business, air purifiers are gaining momentum as the ultimate approach for businesses to protect their staff and customers at a higher level of care including masks and social distancing measures. With an air purifier system, you can be confident the air in your space is rid of all the impurities including odours, smoke, dust, and even viruses. Given the fact that indoor air can have levels of certain pollutants up to five times higher than outdoor air, it seems like a logical step to take.

The OZO Air Purification machines are highly specified medical-grade high-performance air purification systems.

We boast premium medical-grade HEPA 13 filtration systems combined with UVC, G4, and Carbon specifically manufactured for labs, health care, education, and commercial sectors including offices, retail, and hospitality.



Air purification & ozone generator

  • Boasts 5 ACH in 400m³
  • Airflow up to 2475 m3
  • Can clean the air for a 50 person office
  • Can sanitise when empty with an ozone cycle
  • Hepa13 filters & UV-C
  • Ozone generator

The OZO Duo is undoubtedly one of the most impressive machines available to keep the air and surfaces in your building safe from germs and viruses.



Medical air purification with 3 filters and UVC

  • Boasts 4 ACH in 300m³
  • Can clean the air for a 40 person office
  • Compact and easily installed
  • Hepa13,  G4 and Carbon filters
  • UV-C virus neutraliser

The OZO Pure is an impressive commercial air purifier with leading-edge filtration technology



Air purification & ozone generator

  • Up to 1504m3 hr of airflow per hour
  • A mobile air purification unit
  • 99.995 % filtration
  • Medical-grade HEPA 14 filters
  • Air filtration with UVC.
  • Sterilises the air when populated.

Configurable ozone cycle when empty, completely sanitising all touchpoints (can be easily disabled)

The OZO Duble is the next generation of the OZO Duo, suitable for spaces of up to 1504m3.



Air purification & ozone generator

  • Up to 1155m3 hr of airflow per hour
  • A mobile air purification unit
  • 99.995% filtration
  • Medical-grade HEPA 13 filters
  • Air filtration combined with UVC.
  • Sterilises the air when populated.
  • Configurable ozone cycle when empty, completely sanitising all touchpoints. (can be easily disabled)
  • Plug & Play


Why air purification?

We spend 90% of our time indoors and nine hours every day sharing spaces with others.

While we don’t usually give much thought to indoor air quality, we should. The air we breathe indoors is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

Public spaces, like offices, health care facilities and schools are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, dust and allergens, and harsh chemicals and odours.

While we all recognise the need to wash our hands and clean common surfaces like doors, tabletops, bathrooms, etc., it’s not enough. 

We need to clean the air. 


Air purification neutralises viruses

Air purification neutralises toxic gases including VOCs, smoke and fumes


Decontaminates indoor air from viruses, bacteria & mould.

Air purification - Improves Air Quality
Improves air quality

Reduces indoor air pollution

Understand more about air quality

Improved air quality in your workplace will reduce staff sickness

In the workplace, it is common staff and clients are exposed to high concentrations of pollutants. Substances such as chemicals, dust, vapours, microorganisms and gases can all impact staff health. 

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"I've dealt with Gareth and he worked with us to get a great deal that was affordable to us. I  really look forward to receiving our Compact Machine and providing proven sanitised indoor spaces."

Billy Ellis
Business Owner - The Calf Lane

"Your help and advice regarding the Ozone Generation Equipment have been extremely beneficial. When we get back to using our facilities we will be able to provide a safe environment for our members with the help of your equipment."

Damien O Boyle
Roger Casements GAC

"Excellent service and a great product."

Nurse Manager, Scrabo Nursing Home

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