OZO Duo - Air Purifier and Virus Neutraliser

Delivers unrivalled airflow of 2475m3 per hour.

The OZO Duo is the ultimate infection control and surface sanitisation machine available in today’s global market. It uniquely combines the power of UVC, medical specification HEPA 13 filtration and ozone gas generation.

The OZO Duo is undoubtedly one of the most impressive machines available to keep the air and surfaces in your building safe from germs and viruses.

Utilising best-in-class UVC and HEPA 13 technology, the OZO Duo drives airflow through its decontamination chamber neutralising germs and viruses. It delivers clean, sterilised, pure air into a room throughout the day and when your space is unoccupied the OZO Duo activates its powerful generator creating ozone gas.

Ozone gas eradicates coronavirus, bacteria and other airborne viruses on all surfaces sterilising everything it touches. The OZO Duo is the premium air and surface sanitiser designed for commercial environments, ideal for healthcare, education, offices, retail and hospitality.

All settings on the OZO Duo are controlled via the touchscreen panel and it is equipped with powerful sensors which monitor air quality and display it onscreen to give staff and visitors ultimate peace of mind.

OZO Duo - Air purification

Watch our OZO Duo animation and learn how it works

The benefits of the OZO Duo

OZO Duo purifies air in spaces of up to 2475

Purifies the air in large spaces

Commercial air purifier for spaces up to 2475m3

Air purification improves ventilation

Circulates air in indoor spaces

Effectively replaces the air in the room. Virus and infection free.

Ozone deactivates

Ozone deactivates airborne viruses

High concentration of Ozone effectively deactivates viruses. Proven to kill Coronavirus

Air Purification facilitates collaboration

Improves the ability to collaborate

The air is continually cleaned while occupied, making it safer to collaborate and work together.

16 UVC Lights

16 UV-C at 253.7nm

UVC at this level is proven to provide air sterilisation

Air Purification improves air quality

Reduces Indoor Air Pollution

Cleanses the air, getting rid of all the impurities including odors, smoke, dust, and pet dander.

Calculate how many air changes you need in your room

Businesses are understanding the growing need for air purification in their commercial settings. Our OZO Consult & Care team walk you through what we feel is the best product for your needs. Not all air purification equipment boasts the same capabilities and it is important to understand that the number of air changes that your chosen machine can do in your room. We would be delighted to come and help you get a full understanding of what you need but using this air changing calculator can estimate your requirements.

Air changes calculator

Room Area Calculator

Enter your room details to find out which OZO Air Purifier best suits your needs

Enter the length of your room in metres
Enter the breadth of your room in metres
Enter the height of your room in metres
Calculation of total room size in metres

The OZO Duo is perfect for your room size. For a room larger than 1504m³ and under 2475m³, the OZO Duo would provide you with the recommended air changes of 5 per hour.

The OZO AIR DUBLE is perfect for your room size. For a room with an air volume greater than 1300m³ and under 1504m³, the OZO AIR DUBLE would provide you with the recommended air changes of 5 per hour.

The OZO Pure is perfect for creating clean sterile air for your room size. For a room smaller than 1300m³ the OZO Pure would provide you with the recommended air changes of 5 per hour.

The OZO Combo is perfect for your room size. For a room smaller than 1100m³ the OZO Combo would provide you with the recommended air changes of 5 per hour.

Your requirements require further analysis and consultation. Talk to us to work out what the best solution could be.

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The science behind The OZO DUO

Air filter systems remove solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mould, and bacteria from the air. The OZO Duo uniquely combines UVC and HEPA air filtration technologies. The OZO DUO uses UVC light to decontaminate viruses and bacteria. This is achieved by destroying the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA.  UVC is frequently used to disinfect surgical tools and hospital rooms and is commonly used in NHS England.


The OZO Duo draws air into its vents and through medical grade HEPA 13 filters which traps any larger contaminates.  HEPA air cleaners, clean the air by removing microscopic contaminants. HEPA 13 filters create cleaner, fresher air for you and others to breathe in your space. Any remaining bacteria or viruses pass through the high intensity UVC chamber which neutralises the most resistant coronavirus ever studied with a dose of 240J/M3.

The OZO Duo uses a high-power fan to eradicate class-leading 2000m3 of air per hour.   To illustrate further, this would allow for 9 new air cycles per hr in an average 50 person office. These air filter systems are gaining momentum with organisations as a proven way to create cleaner workspaces and environments.

Watch how HEPA 13 filtration works

How does ozone gas sterilise surfaces?


The OZO Duo replaces the need for sterilising surfaces with bleach or disinfectant. Although you can neutralise bacteria and viruses with bleach these substances cannot be used on some surfaces and are not as effective as ozone gas.  Ozone gas can penetrate hard-to-reach areas, fabrics and rough and uneven surfaces. 

The OZO Duo uses 4 high-powered ozone discharge plates to create and disperse the ozone gas, fully sanitising the room.  The ozone gas is released only when the room is empty and no-one is around.  Once the ozone generator has completed its cycle, the OZO Duo switches back to UVC mode to convert ozone back to oxygen.

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