OZO PURE - Air Purifier and Virus Neutraliser

The OZO Pure is a highly specified medical-grade high-performance air purification system.


The OZO Pure is a premium medical-grade HEPA 13 filtration system combined with UVC, G4, and Carbon specifically manufactured for labs, health care, education, and commercial sectors including offices, retail, and hospitality.

The OZO Pure creates clean pure air 24/7 in your commercial space.

How does UVC work?

The Ozo Pure uses a UV-C Sterilizer, this powerful 100% concealed UV-C lamp, destroys and eradicates viruses & bacteria by disrupting their DNA and. UVC sterilisation has been clinically proven to help prevent the spread of viruses and infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

How do HEPA and G4 Filters work?

The OZO Pure uses a HEPA13 filter, proven to remove up to 99.995% of microparticles larger than 0.01 μm.

The OZO Pure uses a G4 filter, this purifies the air up to 90%. All dust particles 5 μm or larger are removed here.

The OZO Pure uses a carbon filter to remove pollutants, VOCs, and unpleasant odours from the air. These are gaseous substances that mechanical filters G4 and H13 HEPA filters cannot remove.



Air Purification Neutralises viruses


Neutralises VOCs, Fumes and Smoke

Air Purification improves air quality

Reduces Indoor Air Pollution

Cleanses the air, getting rid of all the impurities including odors, smoke, dust, and pet dander.

Ozone deactivates

HEPA13 deactivates airborne viruses

HEPA 13 filters captures and deactivates air-borne viruses

Air purification improves ventilation

Circulates air in indoor spaces

Effectively replaces the air in the room. Virus and infection free.

Air Purification facilitates collaboration

Improves the ability to collaborate

The air is continually cleaned while occupied, making it safer to collaborate and work together.

Air Purification removes dust and dander

Removes Dust, dander and pollen

HEPA filters are designed to remove dust, dander and pollen particles from the air

Calculate how many air changes you need in your room

Businesses are understanding the growing need for air purification in their commercial settings. Our OZO Consult & Care team walk you through what we feel is the best product for your needs. Not all air purification equipment boasts the same capabilities and it is important to understand that the number of air changes that your chosen machine can do in your room. We would be delighted to come and help you get a full understanding of what you need but using this air changing calculator can estimate your requirements.

Air changes calculator

Room Area Calculator

Enter your room details to find out which OZO Air Purifier best suits your needs

Enter the length of your room in metres
Enter the breadth of your room in metres
Enter the height of your room in metres
Calculation of total room size in metres

The OZO Duo is perfect for your room size. For a room larger than 1504m³ and under 2475m³, the OZO Duo would provide you with the recommended air changes of 5 per hour.

The OZO AIR DUBLE is perfect for your room size. For a room with an air volume greater than 1300m³ and under 1504m³, the OZO AIR DUBLE would provide you with the recommended air changes of 5 per hour.

The OZO Pure is perfect for creating clean sterile air for your room size. For a room smaller than 1300m³ the OZO Pure would provide you with the recommended air changes of 5 per hour.

The OZO Combo is perfect for your room size. For a room smaller than 1100m³ the OZO Combo would provide you with the recommended air changes of 5 per hour.

Your requirements require further analysis and consultation. Talk to us to work out what the best solution could be.

Why not request a callback to learn more?


The OZO Pure is a powerful virus neutraliser with 4 technologies. The air passes through 4 stages effectively cleaning it and removing decontaminants and viruses.

  1. The air passes through the carbon filter, removing odour.
  2. The air then passes through the G4 Filter, removing dust.
  3. The air continues through a medical-grade HEPA 13 filter, trapping any large contaminants.
  4. The remaining virus in the air passes through a UVC light which neutralises them instantly
OZO Pure - How it works

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