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"It's very good, it cuts the time down on deep cleaning. Easy to use to sanitise the dressing up costumes" - Joanne at Childsplay NI Belfast

WHY Childsplay NI chose OZO SANITIZED?

Childsplay NI owner, Heather Hewitt, felt her staff were someone demoralised by the  burden of continuous the deep cleans.  Heather Hewitt wanted to introduce new measures of care that would enable her staff to refocus their time on the children. Trusting in proven technologies such as Ozone enables the staff at Childsplay to be able to return to play and care for children.

OZO Compact is mobile and lightweight

A lightweight mobile ozone generator

The OZO Compact is a compact lightweight mobile ozone unit. 

Ozone deactivates

Ozone deactivates airborne viruses

High concentration of Ozone effectively deactivates viruses. Proven to kill Coronavirus

OZO Compact is Quiet

OZO Compact operates quietly

Operates quietly in rooms causing no disturbance to others using the building

Virus kill in 15 minutes

Timed cycles

OZO Compact performs timed cycles to remove odour and virus, from 15 to 120 mins.

Ozone removes

Removes bacteria, dust and dander

More efficient method than chlorine to kill bacteria


"The OZO Compact is perfect for our Child care setting as it frees up staff from the demands of deep cleans"

OZO Sanitized spoke with Joanne, senior care provider at Childsplay NI. We asked her to share her thoughts on our company and the OZO Compacts which her company purchased.

"The machine is very good. It has cut the time down required for cleaning. If you are doing a deep clean it has it completed in no time."

Joanne's expressed her delight with the OZO Compact, the nursery is delighted in the huge reduction in the amount of time the staff is required to do in performing deep cleans. The staff routinely clean and sanitise their rooms, however, the OZO Compact enables them to thoroughly sterilse a whole room in 30 minutes. This has had a huge impact on the well-being of the staff, freeing staff to focus on childcare and trust the technology to sterilise full rooms while empty.

“So much easier to use especially with dressing up clothes.” One of the benefits of the machine which Childsplay favour, is its ability to sanitise and sterilise all items in the room. Kids are now able to play dress-up again and enjoy all the toys and books. This is a fabulous benefit for the children that is now possible with the decontamination benefits the OZO Compact boasts.

“Nobody even knows it's on and they don't worry about it. ” Key for nurseries is the ability to sterilise empty rooms while kids are elsewhere e.g. sleeping or playing in other areas of the nursery. The OZO Compact operates quietly and doesn't disturb any of the children or staff.

“Staff are free to do what they were doing with the kids”. This has been the opinion of many care providers we work with. The pandemic has caused a huge burden on staff to do daily deep cleaning, using equipment such as The OZO Compact frees them up to return to their original duties. Staff are able to spend more time playing and interacting with the kids, knowing the technology will help them sterilise the full room at the end of the day.


Joanne Childs Play

"Before we had been using multiple products, taking all our time trying to clean everything. So much easier to use especially with dressing up clothes."

Joanne - Care provider at Childsplay NI, Belfast

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