Air filtration systems enabling staff wellbeing as they return to work

Workers want to return to work and leaders expect those workers to return to the office.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the landscape for office working for the foreseeable future. It is predicted we will continue to see an increasing demand for staff to be able to work remotely, however, there is a huge desire for staff to return to the office.

The prolonged impact of COVID-19 has created a need for companies to create new ecosystems in the workplace to facilitate the return to work. Organisations are starting to consider what is required to put in place to enable a safe return.

Blue print for safe working in office spaces

OZO Sanitized works with companies to create a ‘back to work’ blueprint to give businesses tangible guidance on how to safely return staff to the office. Through the use of technology, our OZO product range can facilitate clean air and sterile surfaces.

Employee safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of businesses now. Our virus neutralising and air filtration systems ensure the removal of viruses, bacteria in air and surfaces. We know companies pride themselves on staff wellbeing and this is a key consideration for their businesses.

Businesses want to be able to answer concerns and queries from staff and visitors as to what steps they are taking in regards to their duty of care. Staff want to collaborate and work safely together, they want to be energised by team members and colleagues, they want to work without the distraction that home life creates.

Our virus neutralising and air filtration technologies ensure staff members can occupy a meeting room and discuss ideas and strategise safely. With our UVC technology, we can filter and clean the air up to 10 times in an hour. Virus is actively removed and destroyed continually.

OZO Sanitized consult with businesses to explore what practical steps can be taken through technology to uphold sanitised sterile spaces.

Our consultation team work to understand room sizes, room heights and how air filtration systems and ozone generation can safeguard their staff and customers. Our virus neutralising machines confidently boast the decontamination of indoor air from viruses, bacteria, mould and most impressively COVID-19.

People are eager to work together again and leading companies are looking at new ways to increase employee engagement and improve attraction and retention. It is important we help employees work in the office again. So how do air sterilisation units work and how could they help?

These air filtration systems boast:

  • Support new ways of working in response to COVID-19 providing the ultimate duty of care for supplying clean sterile air in the workplace
  • The OZO Pure and OZO Duo virus neutralising technology give a 99.9999% virus kill rate.
  • Our range of air sterilisation units offer combined air purification and sterilisation through HEPA 13 filter and then the UVC lamps
  • Controlled airflow in the workspace – The OZO Pure and OZO Duo can take the danger away from the breathing in virus and replaces it with clean air.
Our Air Filtration Machines

The OZO Air Purification machines are highly specified medical-grade high-performance air purification systems.


The OZO Duo model is a great choice for installing in large rooms, communal areas, hospital wards, offices, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, restaurants, commercial spaces, childcare facilities, government buildings and leisure facilities.


The OZO Pure is the ideal unit for smaller commercial spaces such as medical and dental surgeries, offices, care homes, classrooms, government buildings, single patient rooms, waiting rooms, care facilities, leisure facilities etc.

The air steriliser units remove dangerous pollutants from the environment including Volatile Organic Compounds, formaldehydes, benzene, nitrogen dioxide, mould spores, smoke and particulate matter, and much more.

The OZO air purification units USPs include its ability to kill harmful bacteria and viruses in the first pass, self health monitoring technology, low running costs and a simple ‘plug and play’ setup. The OZO units are premium in that they sterilise the surrounding environment 10 times per hour to give users reassurance that they are operating in the safest, cleanest environment.

Universities across the globe are working to understand the technologies that eliminate viruses and most importantly coronavirus. Recent studies carried out by Dr Andrew Buchan from Queen Mary University of London and Dr Kirk Atkinson from Ontario Tech University in Canada highlights the effectiveness of UVC light at sterilising air and removing virus in the air.

covid 19 air filtration

Staff want to feel they are working in sterile environments.

Staff are keen to work side by side, reusing facilities such as printers, toilets, chairs, door handles etc. Our premium ozone generation machine confidently sterilises all surfaces at the touch of button. Office managers are using OZO technologies to confidently sanitise and sterilise a room after a work shift so that staff can return the next day to a space that is 99.9999% infection free. 

Stringent tests carried out at by Japanese studies show that low concentrations of ozone can neutralise coronavirus particles, potentially providing a way for hospitals to disinfect examination rooms and waiting areas.

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