The Rabbit from The Galgorm Collection works with OZO Sanitized

We are delighted to work with the Galgorm Collection supplying The Rabbit Hotel with our OZO Compact.
The housekeeping staff is using the equipment after each room is vacated to ensure rooms are:
  • Thoroughly sterilised with ozone
  • 99.99% free from bacteria, infection and virus, including Coronavirus
  • Odour free
  • Safe for immediate reoccupation and customer enjoyment.
Using the OZO Compacts accredits the Rabbit Hotel with the Safer Space Accreditation. Through these disinfecting techniques, the Galgorm Collection are proud to be creating a healthier environment, for their customers, employees and visitors.
Like us, they are passionate about protecting their staff and clients against air-borne viruses.


The Rabbit wanted to introduce a higher level of care for their guests and staff.

The Rabbit is keen to ensure they provide the highest level of cleanliness and infection control for their hotel.  At OZO we know that airborne viruses take on moisture and fall to the surface and can remain on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours during which time they are picked up by our hands and passed to our nose and mouth. Every surface that comes into contact inside indoor spaces is possibly covered with living germs or viruses.

The OZO Compact expels ozone killing and removing viruses including Covid-19. The incredible features of the OZO Compact enable all the surfaces in their premises are sterilised removing airborne viruses, pollen, and dust.

OZO Compact is mobile and lightweight

A lightweight mobile ozone generator

The OZO Compact is a compact lightweight mobile ozone unit. 

Virus kill in 15 minutes

Timed cycles

OZO Compact performs timed cycles to remove odour and virus, from 15 to 120 mins.

Ozone deactivates

Ozone deactivates airborne viruses

Ozone deactivates and kills viruses including Covid-19

Ozone is Environmentally friendly

Ozone is Environmentally Friendly

Ozone completely eliminates the need for harmful chemicals


The Rabbit was keen to understand how ozone could help their business deliver a higher level of care to their staff and clients.

After an initial consultation, OZO Sanitized suggested the equipment that would best meet their needs.

Key considerations for ozone equipment are

  • Is the Ozone generator top vented? This gives optimum room coverage of the gas ensuring the ultimate virus kill
  • Does the ozone machine have a 3 stage process? With producing, dwelling and removing ozone, the rooms are ready for immediate reoccupation
  • Does the machine provide adequate coverage? The OZO compact covers up to 300sqm in 2 hours.


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