Let us introduce our OZO Air purifier range

OZO DUO - Bringing a breath of fresh air to your business.

Air purification systems are leading the way in creating the ultimate breathe of fresh air for today’s workspaces and businesses

Given the emotional and financial hit sustained this past year following the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is more important than ever to provide customers with the reassurance that it is safe to visit you. Air purifiers have been used for years, in some countries such as in the UAE they are included as part of building regulations. Since the pandemic, the demand for such systems has been showing increasing demand.

Whatever your business, air purifiers are gaining momentum as the ultimate approach for businesses to protect their staff and customers at a higher level of care including masks and social distancing measures. With an air purifier system you can be confident the air in your space is rid of all the impurities including odours, smoke, dust, and even viruses. Given the fact that indoor air can have levels of certain pollutants up to five times higher than outdoor air, it seems like a logical step to take.

Why not contact us and see how OZO Consult & Care can you give your business the ultimate breath of fresh air.

OZO Duo – Air purifier

OZO Duo - Air Purification and Ozone generation. Uses HEPA 13 and Ozone for the ultimate duo in air purification and infection control.
The OZO Duo

The OZO DUO uniquely combines the power of UVC, medical specification HEPA 13 filtration and ozone gas generation. The OZO Duo is undoubtedly one of the most impressive machines available to keep the air and surfaces in your building safe from germs and viruses.
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OZO Pure – Air Purifier

OZO Duo - Air Purifier. Uses HEPA 13, Carbon and G4.
The OZO Pure.

The OZO Pure is a premium medical grade HEPA 13 filtration system combined with UVC, G4 and Carbon specifically manufactured for labs, health care, education and commercial sectors including offices, retail and hospitality. The OZO Pure creates clean pure air 24/7 in your commercial space.
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