This week we have been reaching out to child care providers. The closures of childcare providers to most families during the COVID-19 crisis have underlined the importance of access to childcare, both to support paid work and to help shape young children’s environment. However, the crisis has had severe consequences for the finances of childcare providers, which were already weak in several parts of the sector going into the crisis. Despite a range of government support programmes, many providers lost income during lockdown. In the medium term, a longer-lasting fall in demand for childcare or an increase in costs related to social distancing could seriously hamper financial sustainability in the sector going forward.

Talking to childcare providers, we have learnt that many are spending up to 3 times more on cleaning and sanitisation. With many childcare providers suffering temporary closures, drop in numbers of children attending and staff isolating, the financial headache is huge. The pandemic has hit demand for childcare hard: during the lockdown, when only vulnerable children and those with key worker parents were able to access childcare, fewer than 250,000 children aged 0 to 4 were attending childcare on a given day, compared to around 1.4 million before the pandemic. Since June, the sector has been allowed to serve all children in England, but even before the summer holidays, take-up peaked at 420,000 children.

No one is keen for the current situation to continue and what has been consistent through our discussions with childcare providers, is that they want to provide a safe, clean and sanitised environment for their children and staff. Ozone generating machines are ideal for childcare settings. They remove the need for daily deep cleaning of toys, soft furnishings, carpets etc. A 20 minute cycle will remove all air borne viruses and will leave the room totally sanitised with a pleasant clean clinical smell. Staff can simply clean the room as before, vacate and activate a ozone sanitisation cycle. Once they return to the room, the whole space will be sanitised, every nook and crevice. In the unfortunate situation where there has been a COVID case, our machines provide clinical proven peace of mind that all infection in effectively removed and taken care off. No need to risk staff at requesting them to clean the spaces down and no need for an outside 3rd party to enter your childcare setting and complete a deep clean.

Our OZO Consult and Care team are experts in air purification and ozone generating machines. We would love to talk to you about how we can help you reduce the costs of your daily sanitisation and how you can keep your staff safer.

Check out our video on how OZO Sanitized is helping the childcare sector

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