Ozone generators with OZO Sanitized

OZO Sanitized are now working with Mullaghboy Care Home. We have been working with the Care Home staff and are delighted to have introduced them to the known benefits of ozone generating machines for creating sanitised rooms, surfaces and indoor spaces. With our OZO Consult and Care service, we have been able to walk the staff through the machines required for their rooms sizes and those that work well for their deep cleaning routines.

Their OZO Compact will help to

  • Sanitise rooms and apartments, removing unpleasant odours. From urine, sickness, trauma, food, smoke and even when carpets have been cleaned to remove the drying smell
  • Mould remediation
  • Treat toilet areas to reduce odours
  • In kitchen areas, you can sanitise open work surfaces to control bacteria
  • Remove unpleasant lingering odours
  • Eliminate odours from the refuse areas

Our OZO Consult and Care team are experts in air purification and ozone generating machines. We would love to talk to you about how we can help you reduce the costs of your daily sanitisation and how you can keep your staff safer.

Check out our video on how OZO Sanitized is helping the Care Home sector

“The OZO Sanitiser is a market leading ozone generating sanitisation machine. A robust, mobile machine with an auto destruct function, it is the perfect ozone generator for your business.”