OZO Sanitiser
OZO Sanitiser
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Ozone Generator
Air purifier and Ozone Generator.
Air Purifier
OZO Pure
OZO Pure
Air Purifier
Air Purifier
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Features of our air purifiers and ozone generators

Air purification

Fresh air for your business.

Air purification systems are a simple solution that can help protect people & places against the spread of viruses. Our OZO Duo and OZO Pure are market leading air purification systems that boast medical grade HEPA 13 filters. With clean air a key consideration now for every business, we introduce hospital-grade air purifiers.

Our OZO Duo‘s revolutionary design includes a high-quality HEPA13 filter that traps viruses with a UVC light that decontaminates the air. Clean air is then pushed back into the space. When the room is vacated, the OZO Duo has the option to output an ozone cycle. Ozone is an effective way of sterilising a complete room, leaving it 99.95% infection free.

The OZO Pure is another fantastic air purifier. This medical grade HEPA 13 filtration system combines with UVC, G4 and Carbon. While this was specifically manufactured for labs and health care, this is undoubtedly beneficial for education and commercial sectors.

Sterilisation at the touch of a button.

With the pressures of COVID-19 on businesses, new ways of working are being embraced to lighten the load. Ozone generatoring technologies have been used for years here in the care and hospitality industries, now childcare, retail, gyms and offices are discovering the benefits.

Our machines boast a simple process, you bring the machine to the room, choose the cycle and vacate. After an ozone cycle, everything in your room is sterilised. No need for bleach, deep cleans and the worry of what may have been missed. The OZO Compact and OZO Sanitiser are market leading ozone machines for every business


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