The OZO Compact is a compact but mighty ozone generator that reinstates air quality at the touch of a button.

The OZO Compact is a compact mobile ozone generating unit, clinically proven to eradicate airborne viruses, kill harmful bacteria and eliminate bad smells. It is specifically manufactured for the health care, education and commercial sectors including offices, retail and hospitality.

The OZO Compact facilitates full room sanitisation at the touch of a button, removing all viruses, including Coronavirus, in cycles of 15 to 120 minutes, without the need for a cleaning member of staff.

The OZO Compact uses Ozone gas to effectively sanitise entire rooms, surfaces and air, guaranteeing that they are 99.99% free of viruses and infection.

OZO Sanitized also offer customers OZO Consult & Care, an all inclusive service plan that goes above and beyond typical expectations.

What is Ozone Sanitisation?

Ozone is natures most powerful sanitisers and has been utilised successfully in healthcare for many years. Ozone works by dispersing into the air, flowing over surfaces, traveling deep into any crevice, eradicating organic molecules that form many indoor pollutants.

With the threat of airborne viruses, including coronavirus, in our everyday life, OZO Sanitized have worked hard to bring premium mobile ozone generating machines which are clinically proven to remove air borne viruses. Ozone is used globally to sanitise and fight virus and bacteria.

“The OZO Compact is a market leading ozone generating sanitisation machine. A robust, mobile machine with an auto destruct function, it is the perfect ozone generator for your business.”

Why is the OZO Compact right for you?

Investing in a Ozo Compact will ensure;

  • Your premises are completely sanitised rapidly
  • All surfaces in your premises are sanitised – including carpets and curtains.
  • Your premises are odour free 
  • You don’t have a labour intensive cleaning regime
  • You save money on chemical cleaning and air fresheners
  • You are in control of deep cleaning and don’t have to rely on 3rd parties
  • You reduce your carbon footprint by using a natural cleaner

“We loved the machine since we first had it introduced in our hotel. It’s so light weight and easy to move about. It has become an essential part of our sanitisation process.”