The OZO Sanitiser is a robust mobile ozone generating unit, clinically proven to eradicate airborne viruses, kill harmful bacteria and eliminate bad smells.

The OZO Sanitiser is a premium commercial ozone generating sanitisation machine specifically manufactured for the health care, education and commercial sectors including offices, retail and hospitality.

The OZO Sanitiser facilitates full room sanitisation at the touch of a button, removing all viruses, including Coronavirus, within 50 minutes, without the need for a cleaning member of staff.

The OZO Sanitiser uses Ozone gas to effectively sanitise entire rooms, surfaces and air, guaranteeing that they are 99.99% free of viruses and infection.

OZO Sanitized also offer customers OZO Consult & Care, an all inclusive service plan that goes above and beyond typical expectations.

What is Ozone Sanitisation?

Ozone is natures most powerful sanitiser and has been utilised successfully in healthcare for many years. Ozone works by dispersing into the air, flowing over surfaces, traveling deep into any crevice and eradicating organic molecules that form many indoor pollutants.

With the threat of airborne viruses, including coronavirus, in our everyday life, OZO Sanitized have worked hard to bring premium mobile ozone generating machines which are clinically proven to remove air borne viruses. Ozone is used globally to sanitise and fight virus and bacteria.

“The OZO Sanitiser is a market leading ozone generating sanitisation machine. A robust, mobile machine with an auto destruct function, it is the perfect ozone generator for your business.”

What is the OZO Sanitiser?

The OZO Sanitiser utilises unique U.S patented double dielectric barrier discharge technology to achieve an industry leading ozone output of 12,000 mg/h under ambient air conditions. This high level of ozone is especially ideal in eradicating air borne viruses, infection and bacteria.

More than ever commercial environments need to consider how to effectively remove harmful viruses. Traditional methods such as deep cleans and more modern thinkings such as fogging machines, fail to create the sanitised solution that we need for our modern challenges including Covid-19. Ozone is the only proven treatment to fully sanitise every nook and cranny in a room with no concern over human error.

Why the OZO Sanitiser?

Medical grade ozone generating machines are gaining momentum as the most effective way in fighting airborne viruses including Covid-19. Historically and successfully used in the fight against SARs in Japan, Ozone is recognised globally as an effective sanitising solution for killing viruses, infection and bacteria.

The deep clean process while beneficial is not the most fail safe way of protecting your bubble, your workspace or educational setting. The Ozo Sanitiser can be placed in a room, after it has been vacated, will release ozone and kill every virus and infection in that space. Every surface is virus free including carpets, curtains, books and under desks.

“What makes this machine so elite is how easy it is to use, the built in activation cycle and unique fully automated deactivation cycle. This deactivation cycle rapidly clears an area of ozone after the ozone treatment is completed.”