Let us introduce our OZOne generators

Imagine you could sterilise and sanitise a whole indoor space at the touch of a button. Ozone generating machines create that possibility.

Ozone works as a natural cleaner. 

When it comes into contact with an odour (a volatile organic compound) a chemical reaction takes place and the odour oxidises into a harmless, non-odorous substance. It is not a masking process – the smells are permanently removed. Ozone also works as a natural sanitising agent killing bacteria, microorganisms and viruses including recently proven COVID-19.

Whatever your business, ozone generators are gaining momentum as the ultimate approach for creating fully sanitised spaces free from odour, bacteria and infection. Historically ozone generators have been used for removing pungent odours, removing the smell of smoke and eliminating mould. Ozone generators are commonly used in hospitals to kill MRSA, Coronavirus and ECOLI. This technology is becoming the technology of choice for Care Homes, Education and Hotels.

OZO Sanitiser

The OZO Sanitiser is a market leading ozone generator for your commercial setting. With an ozone output of 12000mg per hour, activation cycle and fully automated deconstruct cycle, it is the perfect ozone generator for achieving sanitisation in your commercial environments.

Used commonly in education, healthcare, care-homes, offices and hospitality the OZO Sanitiser provides a fully sanitised room in a timed cycle. Our ozone generating experts measure and advise how you can achieve sanitised areas and surfaces at the touch of a button.
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OZO Compact

OZO Compact

The OZO Compact is a compact but mighty ozone generator that reinstates air quality at the touch of a button. Through a measured amount of ozone gas, it eradicates odours and bacteria on contact, cleaning the air and surfaces both simply and quickly.

Compact room areas can be sanitised, free from coronavirus , bacteria, infection and smelling fresh in 15 minutes. Our ozone generator consultants measure and ascertain the ozone quantities needed for your workspace and area. Commonly used in hotel rooms, waiting areas, restaurants, the OZO Compact is the ultimate lightweight ozone generator on the market.
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