Mullaghboy are delighted to be using the OZO Compact to sterilise their visitor pods. Alongside the routine sterilisation of residents bedrooms, the ability to sanitise their visitor pods with this technology, brings peace of mind for the staff, families and carers.

WHY THE mullaghboy chose OZO SANITIZED?

The Mullaghboy Private Nursing Home wanted to introduce a higher level of care for their residents without creating a further burden on their housekeeping staff. The incredible features of the OZO Compact enable rooms to be sanitised and sterilised without in 30-minute ozone cycles.

Ozone sterilises

Ozone Sterilises into all nooks

Ozone sterilises every space in your room. All surfaces are reached.

OZO Compact is Quiet

OZO Compact operates quietly

Operates quietly in rooms causing no disturbance to others using the building

OZO Compact can kill all virsues in 30 mins

Timed cycles

OZO Compact performs timed cycles to remove odour and virus, from 15 to 120 mins.

Ozone removes

Removes bacteria, dust and dander

More efficient method than chlorine to kill bacteria


"The Ozo Compact is perfect for Nursing Homes as the housekeeping staff can move it from one room to another."

Full write up on the case study including the scientific benefits of the product, what it is used for, how the process with OZO sanitized works, etc.  Aim for around 200-300 words.


Lesley Mullaghboy

“The OZO Compact gives us a new level of confidence in the measures that we are taking in these times. It is keeping everyone safe, the staff safe and the residents safe.”

Lesley - Nurse at Mullaghboy Private Nursing Home

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