OZO Sanitized is a family-run business driven by the desire to understand how to operate in a world challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Driven by a desire to learn the solutions and technologies used globally, we provide a product range that is proven to kill Coronavirus, infection, virus odour, and bacteria.

Our goal is to facilitate safe and sanitised spaces that we can all enjoy and use without the worry and concern of viruses. Our research team is continuing to understand and learn the technologies for sanitising and sterilising indoor spaces for commercial settings.

Nara University Medical Study confirms ozone inactivates SARS COV 2

nara-university-medical-study-confirms-ozone-inactivates-sars-cov-2 Ozone kills Coronavirus – read what the research says. The greatest challenge the world is facing today is to win the battle against COVID-19. Alongside the vaccine, keeping indoor spaces sanitised and sterile, with clinically proven methods are the most important tools we can use to equip ourselves with in the fight against SARS-CoV-2. …

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Ozone gas can provide a safe means to disinfect personal protective equipment

A new study shows that ozone gas, a highly reactive chemical composed of three oxygen atoms, could provide a safe means for disinfecting certain types of personal protective equipment that are in high demand for shielding health care personnel from Covid-19.

Conducted by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology using two pathogens similar to the novel coronavirus, the study found that ozone can inactivate viruses on items such as Tyvek gowns, polycarbonate face shields, goggles, and respirator masks without damaging them – as long as they don't include stapled-on elastic straps.

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