OZO Sanitized have launched in the UK and Ireland

In December we had the exciting news of our new business on Belfast Live. We’re so excited to be bringing to market a range of products that introduce HEPA13 air filtration, UVC light and ozone generators to the UK and Ireland markets.

We’re so aware that businesses are looking for solutions to help them get back to work and as a result we launched a full range at the innovation centre in Craigavon. Business owners agree that this technology offers a real solution for companies in the Covid-19 world and beyond, where nearly clean is no longer good enough. Our range of products are clinically proven to provide sanitisation and air purification, protecting individuals from bacteria, mould and the affects of airborne viruses including Covid-19.

We already supply a number of Care Homes and Hotels with innovative technology and are excited to introduce our products to wider markets.

Check out our article https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/…/ni-firm-launches…

We’d love your support in our launch, please share and tag any businesses you feel would love to hear of our products.

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