Ozone gas found to neutralise coronavirus

At Ozo Sanitized, we’re keen to share our expertise and knowledge surrounding technologies that are clinically proven to kill air borne viruses, including coronavirus.

The wealth of knowledge is continually growing. We specialise in supplying products clinically proven to kill infections, bacteria, bad odour and mould, specifically suitable for healthcare, education and the workplace. Ozone generators, HEPA filtration systems and UVC technology are growing in popularity as the trusted solutions for infection control and clinical sanitisation .

Fujita Medical University Hospital, in the Aichi prefecture in central Japan, has already installed ozone generators to reduce infection in waiting areas and patient rooms. Contact Ozo Sanitized and understand more at how we can help you with our technologies, The Ozo Sanitiser, The Ozo Pure and The Ozo Duo and we can help you create clean, sanitised and infection free environments here in the UK and Ireland.


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