OZO Compact

The OZO Compact specifically designed for room sanitisation

The OZO Compact is a compact mobile sanitisation unit, clinically proven to eradicate airborne viruses, kill harmful bacteria and eliminate bad smells. It is specifically manufactured for the health care, education, and commercial sectors including offices, retail and hospitality.

The OZO Compact facilitates full room sanitisation at the touch of a button, removing all viruses, including Coronavirus, in cycles of 15 to 120 minutes, without the need for a cleaning member of staff.

The OZO Compact is placed in an empty room, using ozone gas, the world's most natural disinfectant, it removes 99.99% free of viruses and infection.

OZO Compact


Ozone sterilises

Ozone Sterilises into all nooks

Ozone sterilises every space in your room. All surfaces are reached.

Virus kill in 15 minutes

Timed cycles

OZO Compact performs timed cycles to remove odour and virus, from 15 to 120 mins.

Ozone is Environmentally friendly

Ozone is Environmentally Friendly

Ozone completely eliminates the need for harmful chemicals

Ozone deactivates

Ozone deactivates airborne viruses

High concentration of Ozone effectively deactivates viruses. Proven to kill Coronavirus

OZO Compact is Quiet

OZO Compact operates quietly

Operates quietly in rooms causing no disturbance to others using the building

Ozone removes

Removes bacteria, dust and dander

More efficient method than chlorine to kill bacteria

Calculate how long it would take to sanitise your room with an OZO Compact

Businesses are understanding the growing need for ozone sanitisation in their commercial settings.

Our OZO Consult & Care team walk you through what we feel is the best product for your needs. Not all ozone generating equipment boasts the same capabilities and it is important to understand that the length of time your chosen machine can do in your room.

We would be delighted to come and help you get a full understanding of what you need but using this ozone cycle calculator can estimate how long it would take to sanitise your space.

OZO Compact - Room sanitisation

The science behind compact

How does ozone gas sterilise surfaces?

The OZO Compact replaces the need for sterilising surfaces with bleach or disinfectant. Although you can neutralise bacteria and viruses with bleach these substances cannot be used on some surfaces and are not as effective as ozone gas.  Ozone gas can penetrate hard-to-reach areas, fabrics and rough and uneven surfaces. 

The Compact uses high-powered ozone discharge plates to create and disperse the ozone gas, fully sanitising the room.  The ozone gas is released only when the room is empty and no-one is around.  


Investing in an Ozo Compact will ensure;

  • Your premises are completely sanitised rapidly
  • All surfaces in your premises are sanitised – including carpets and curtains.
  • Your premises are odour free 
  • You don’t have a labour intensive cleaning regime
  • You save money on chemical cleaning and air fresheners
  • You are in control of deep cleaning and don’t have to rely on 3rd parties
  • You reduce your carbon footprint by using a natural cleaner
Ozone Kills Virus

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