We have worked with returning staff to understand what is important for the return to work.

With Northern Ireland looking to return their staff to the workplace, OZO Sanitized worked with Belfast Live to understand what’s important to staff.

What is important for returning staff?

With news of lockdown restrictions gently easing and more people getting the vaccine every day, we’re finally starting to see light at the end of this pandemic tunnel.

But for those who are currently working from home and are facing the prospect of returning to working in an office or communal space, many want to see safety measures put in place.

We worked with Belfast Live readers to understand what things they’d want to see in an office to make them feel safe.

The Belfast Live survey comes as more and more employees and managers are turning to new technologies to ensure they have a safe working environment.

We pride ourselves on being a leading NI supplier of technologies that specialises in air purification, ozone generating technologies, and virus neutralising technologies, which means our machines clean and removes airborne viruses (such as Covid-19).

What the survey said

Fully sanitised office

The highest priority for most people is having a fully sanitised office space. Long gone are the days when people paid no attention at all to the hygiene of their communal working space - we've spent the last year learning too much about sanitising and health!

Many of those returning to work are turning to new technologies to ensure their working spaces stay safe. We’re no longer just worried about the dirt we can see; we’re guarding against a highly contagious virus, as well as all the invisible germs we’ve always tried to clean.

The likes of the OZO Pure, a portable virus neutraliser and air purifier, offers people the chance to have clean sanitised pure air 24/7 in their commercial space. It has been specifically designed for use in public spaces such as hospitals, care homes, pharmacies, schools, colleges, clinics, laboratories and offices.

Through HEPA13 and UVC, the OZO Pure boasts the ability to clean air while reducing the spread of bacteria & viruses; purifying and disinfecting the air up to 99.95%; helping to prevent the spread of germs, and destroying bacteria and virus DNA.

Clean and fresh is key to staff wellbeing.

Clean, Fresh air

As well as having a sanitised office, people returning to work also want to have a well-ventilated space.

This means ensuring that there's good airflow, checking for any problems with the air conditioning in the office, and having filters changed regularly.

While some office settings in the past have tended to be fusty, more people see a well-ventilated office as being a step towards better office health and safety.

The law says employers must make sure there’s an adequate supply of fresh air (ventilation) in enclosed areas of the workplace. This has not changed during the pandemic.

With the return to work, it's key to maximise the fresh air in a space especially in environments where it is not possible to have continuous open windows. This can be done by:

- Natural ventilation which relies on passive airflow through windows, doors, and air vents that can be fully or partially opened

- Changing the air through ‘cleaning the air' through HEPA filters/ UV filters – These devices are typically recirculating units that enhance the effective air change rate by removing or inactivating the airborne virus.

The OZO Pure allows indoor spaces to be cleaned up 5 times an hour. This offers staff and customers peace of mind that technology is continually used to clean their shared air.


How can air purification help?

The OZO product range can facilitate clean air for your indoors. Our virus neutralising and air filtration systems ensure the removal of viruses, bacteria in air and surfaces. With our HEPA13 and UVC technology, we can filter and clean the air up to 10 times in an hour. Virus is actively removed and destroyed continually.

OZO Sanitized consult with businesses to explore what practical steps can be taken through technology to uphold sanitised clean air.

Our consultation team work to understand room sizes, room heights and how air filtration systems and ozone generation can safeguard their staff and customers. Our virus neutralising machines confidently boast the decontamination of indoor air from viruses, bacteria, mould and most impressively COVID-19.

These air purification systems boast:

  • The ultimate duty of care for supplying clean sterile air in indoor spaces.
  • The OZO Pure and OZO Duo virus neutralising technology gives a 99.9999% virus kill rate.
  • Our range of air sterilisation units offer combined air purification and sterilisation through HEPA 13 filter and then the UVC lamps
  • Controlled airflow and improved air ventilation in the workspace – The OZO Pure and OZO Duo can take the danger away from the breathing in virus and replaces it with clean air.
Our Air Filtration Machines

The OZO Air Purification machines are highly specified medical-grade high-performance air purification systems.


The OZO Duo model is a great choice for installing in large rooms, communal areas, hospital wards, offices, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, restaurants, commercial spaces, childcare facilities, government buildings and leisure facilities.


The OZO Pure is the ideal unit for smaller commercial spaces such as medical and dental surgeries, offices, care homes, classrooms, government buildings, single patient rooms, waiting rooms, care facilities, leisure facilities etc.

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